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Gorilla Jobs Corporate Leadership Training with Greg Sellar

July 16, 2018 0 Comments

Gorilla Jobs is one of Australia’s fastest growing Recruitment Agencies dedicated to the search of Medical Professionals. Our goal is, and always has been to disrupt the Recruitment market both within Australia and overseas.

Since our inception in September 2017, we have grown to six full-time recruiters focusing on the Doctor & Medical Imaging recruitment market within Australia.

We are rapidly becoming one of the most successful recruitment start-ups in Australian history and would like to share our success with clients, prospects and doctors.

Gorilla Jobs is now providing Corporate Leadership Training to increase employee retention rates and thus reduce recruitment cost. We are doing this with one of Australia’s best – Greg Sellar.


Corporate Recruitment Training Greg Sellar | Gorilla Jobs

Who is Greg Sellar?

As a former International Presenter of the Year and Nike-sponsored athlete, Greg knows about high performance for the average person, because he is one.

With his background as a Nike-sponsored athlete, Greg is now a keynote speaker and ICF-accredited executive and leadership coach. He is an author and facilitator having trained over half a million people globally. With his breadth of experience delivering in 55 countries, Greg is uniquely placed to hack long-held misconceptions and myths around mindset, performance and wellness to energise your next conference, team meeting or workplace training.


Corporate Recruitment Training Greg Sellar | Gorilla Jobs

Two corporate training sessions


Successfully recruiting the right person the first time has a direct financial implication to your business.

Selecting quality team members requires managers to think constructively. The importance of valuing culture, teamwork and workplace relationships are crucial to ensuring you attract, recruit and induct new team members effectively and successfully.

Smarter recruitment requires managers to conduct appropriate planning which leads to the recruitment and retention of high-quality team members, The smarter recruitment module is essential for those who have an involvement or responsibility for recruiting or selecting new staff members.

There are many reasons why it’s important to get a recruitment decision right the first time. These include:

  • increased productivity, innovation and discretionary effort – the right person in the right role can be highly productive whereas misaligned values can massively affect the team’s personality, productivity and performance
  • lower training coast – you need people who are the right fit culturally to cut down on time, energy, effort and money spent
  • decreased turnover – when managers plan well and implement recruitment practices to a high standard, they are proactively managing team unity and retention
  • increased manager productivity – you can either fight fires caused by one or two poor hiring decisions or do your own work. Finding and hiring the right team members makes a massive difference to the bottom line

Smarter Recruitment with Greg Sellar and Gorilla Jobs


Most managers and organisations dabble in teams with little to no success.

For teams to be successful, organisations need to understand and apply the underlying principles that govern effective teams. This requires skill, commitment and ongoing effort on the part of the manager’s leadership responsibility to achieve the following benefits:

  • collective work products – when working in teams, groups produce performance values that are more than the sum of each individual’s effort
  • performance results – teams outperform individuals acting alone by sustaining competitive advantage through enhanced quality, innovation, cost-effectiveness and customer service
  • personal growth – joint accountability promotes responsibility for individual learning among individuals and the team as a whole, particularly as skill gaps are self-identified in a safe environment
  • sustainable success – real teams have proven to consistently perform over long periods and overcome any challenges which threaten team success

This workshop has been designed to provide managers with the necessary skills, knowledge and tools relevant to their environment and workplace activities.

At the end of this workshop, managers and leaders will know to:

  • value the importance of promoting teamwork and team dynamics to achieve higher levels of workplace productivity and performance
  • identify the potential blockers that inhibit team dynamics and effectiveness
  • apply a set of specific concepts and strategies which assist in enhancing team collaboration, developing cohesive teams and increasing team motivation
  • demonstrate greater levels of proactive management focused on developing high-performance teams to achieve optimal workplace performance

Doctor Recruitment with Greg Sellar and Gorilla Jobs

Whatever the challenge – from performance management to customer service, from teamwork to internal relationships, our new workshops equip you with the leadership to drive a positive culture, resulting in high performance.

Contact Jimmy Bosmans (Senior Partner) +61 2 8003 4922 to book your corporate training.