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July 4, 2018 0 Comments

Gorilla Jobs is one of Australia’s fastest growing Recruitment Agencies dedicated to the search of Medical Professionals. Our goal is and always has been to disrupt the Recruitment market. Both in Australia and overseas.

We have a clear strategy to become a true market leader and expand to international markets within the next 24 months and we have a Melbourne office opening in August 2018.

Since our inception in September 2017, we have grown to 5 full-time recruiters focussing on the Doctor recruitment market within Australia.

In July 2018, we added a new division to our Group that is led by Senior Associate, Judith Butcher.

Judith has over a decade of experience in consulting with global institutions and brands and will be a key driver in developing this unit into one of Australasia’s first-thought go-to for Medical Imaging professionals seeking change, and for top institutions looking to hire and retain the best in this field.

Gorilla Jobs Melbourne Office

Our Medical Imaging recruitment division at Gorilla Jobs provides a comprehensive recruitment service dedicated to the supply of qualified and experienced Medical Imaging candidates into Public and Private Hospitals; and Imaging Service Providers.

We all work towards the common goal of ‘Enhancing Lives’. We use our Medical Imaging recruitment expertise, healthcare knowledge, Medical Imaging connections and trusted relationships to place Medical Imaging candidates into healthcare and healthcare-related positions. In delivering our Medical Imaging recruitment services our focus is on quality, professionalism and excellence.

Gorilla Jobs for Sonographers

With an established track record in healthcare recruitment; extensive in-house healthcare training; consultants and senior managers with healthcare qualifications and many years of healthcare recruitment experience, we understand the healthcare sector and have the resources to work with you and your team in delivering on your Medical Imaging recruiting.

Contact Gorilla Jobs Medical Imaging 

If you want to learn more about our Medical Imaging Recruitment services, then please contact Judith Butcher via +61 2 8003 4922 or email him via judith@gorillajobs.com.au