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Doctor Benefits from working with Gorilla Jobs

April 4, 2018 0 Comments

Looking for a Doctor job is a full-time job in itself. Trawling through Doctor job vacancies, tailoring your CV, writing cover letters, filling out application forms, phone interviews, face-to-face interviews…there’s a lot to do.

That’s where Gorilla Jobs can help. Not only helping you to manage the ‘workload’ of a job hunt, the benefits of a recruitment agency stretch right through to helping you select the best matching opportunities for you. And for the Doctor, Gorilla Jobs is absolutely free to use.

If you’re still wondering why you should use a Gorilla Jobs in your search for a next Doctor job, take a look at our list of benefits below:

Doctor Jobs and Jobs for Doctors

A more tailored job search

The advantages of using Gorilla Jobs are clear when you look at how we can help tailor your job search. Our Partners know the Doctor Job market extremely well – and we know the solid jobs that are available. We also know which Medical Centres to stay away from, As a result, we will only target the vacancies that seem right for you.

Here at Gorilla Jobs, we always speak to our Doctors extensively. We talk about billing types, ambitions, specialties so we can really tailor our search

With Gorilla Jobs helping you with your Doctor job hunt you will be put forward for roles that are right for you, as opposed to applying blindly to companies with only the job description to go on and perhaps the companies website to build up an idea of what they’re about.

Support and guidance

A recruitment agency is built on the skills of its recruiters – they know the job market, they’re experts in interviewing and skills assessments, they know their client’s requirements and they know how to help you shine in the eyes of the employers.

Gorilla Jobs will be able to help you strengthen your interview skills, tidy up your CV and focus your career goals. Nurture the relationship with Gorilla Jobs and we could prove instrumental in your career progression.


Guidance in your Doctor Job

Making the job hunt more manageable

Your Doctor job hunt can easily get out of control. You may send your CV off to lots of different Medical Centres and get responses coming through here and there. But how do you know if you are actually applying for a good medical center, that can help you achieve those patient numbers? Do you have a structured way of knowing where you should be and for what interview? Have you had the opportunity to do enough research into the job and Medical Centre you’re applying for?

Gorilla jobs have an organised system to help manage Doctors and Medical Centres – and it can take a huge weight off your shoulders.

We will only send your profile to clients after you have given us the approval to do so. And will assist in organising site-visits, interviews and we will give you updates and feedback.

We are also able to tell our Doctors the details you need to know about the employer, helping you to focus your efforts.


Manageable doctor jobs

Privacy Protection & Confidentiality

At Gorilla Jobs we understand the importance for our doctors to keep their details confidential. Therefore, we will never release your resume to a Medical Centre without having your written consent.

Some established recruitment agencies have received a bad reputation, with many recruiters ‘spamming’ your resume all over the internet. These actions have led to some uncomfortable situations for Doctors, where their current employers receive the resume of their own Doctors.

At Gorilla Jobs we take Privacy Protection extremely serious and strive for an optimal work relationship with our doctors


At Gorilla Jobs, we prepare hundreds of Doctors for their Job Interviews per year. We would highly encourage you to trial our services by contacting one of our consultants, browsing our Doctor Jobs or by chatting with our support team online.