We highlight findings on health issues around awareness for Women's Health Week,  ways Pharmacists can manage stress at work and findings about alternative items for MRI markers to reduce medical imaging costs.

This week, a study from Queensland University of Technology has revealed that sweets, vitamins and soy sauce containers could be MRI markers and serve as alternatives to commercial ones.

A survey by Professional Pharmacists Australia has shown that pharmacists have similarly high stress levels at work just like some of the other health professionals.

Last week, Australian women joined in the Women’s Health Week, an annual event organised since 2013 educating women to prioritise better health and lifestyle. 

We highlight GPs who are helping the homeless in Melbourne, the need for a National Helpline to support Doctors, findings about Australia's opioids crisis and what implications Artificial Intelligence may have in Radiology.

For the past 18 months, Cohealth and Green Cross collaborated in funding The Street Doctor program. It provides free medical services to the homeless every Wednesday. 

A shortage of Rural doctors also includes a shortage of radiologists. From Low Mobility and staff turnover internally for the experienced Radiologists, to limitations on the Locations of the jobs and the Working conditions.

ABC news recently reported that the number of Australians accidentally overdosing has climbed by almost 40 per cent in the last decade. This exceeds the national road toll by several hundred people each year. 

New findings from this year that may impact Doctors and Pharmacists jobs in 2020. And what are some of the differences with Radiographers and Radiologists? Find out more in this week's update. 

With all the different job titles in the medical field, it can sometimes be confusing to understand the differences between certain careers with similar titles.