We highlight research into a new Artificial Intelligence tool to help with Heart Attacks, factors for a payment model reflecting Pharmacist Counselling services and the importance of CT Scanning in Lung Diseases.

CT Scanning is strongly recommended by The Royal College of Radiologists for the screening of occupational lung diseases such as silicosis instead of the traditional chest X-ray. There are also implications. 

According to research published this year, quality-linked dispensing could be a performance-based payment model that will improve the patient outcomes and benefits to the health system. 

There is a new artificial intelligence (AI) tool that helps doctors determine whether a patient is having a heart attack. Find out more about the research and implications. 

We highlight important factors to consider for GP Locum Jobs in Australia, the Bigger Picture of Community Pharmacies operating in Australia and New findings about Hormone Therapy Risks.

The Community Pharmacy sector plays an important role in the supply of prescription and permitted non-prescription-based medicine and the information about health care services to the general public.

Certain hormone replacement therapies have been tied to an increased risk of breast cancer. New research also suggests that the risks can last for more than a decade in some cases.

Locum work appeals to many doctors in Australia every year, especially to those looking for flexibility, work-life balance and the opportunity to work in their area of expertise at good pay rates and different environments.  

We highlight why GPs in Australia should consider up-skilling in Skin Work, new 3D Mammography findings and Australia's Largest Pharmacy retailer opening in China.

Earlier this month pharmacy retailer Chemist Warehouse reported they are opening its first brick-and-mortar store in China as a pilot for future store openings.