In this week's update we explore the sustainable future of the Private Health Insurance Industry in Australia, the origins of World Pharmacist Day and the differences with Sonographers and Radiographers.

Don't open your champagne bottle just yet, it is only July and we are a few months away from World Pharmacist Day on September 25. Why do we celebrate it? 

In Medical Imaging, we work across the board to help as many providers as we can. One question we get from time to time is what are the differences between a Sonographer and Radiographer in deciding which is suited for you?

Private Health Insurance in Australia is a hot topic for politicians and it has been for many decades. Regardless of whether you have private health insurance, negative implications from this industry will impact everyone.

Soft skills are a crucial component to a patient's consultation with their doctor. We have previously highlighted 5 Important Soft Skills Every Doctor Needs and wanted to dig deeper to emphasise the importance.

Pharmacists today are just as important and more as pharmacists from earlier in history. In fact, one of the earliest pharmaceutical records for medicine dates back to around 1500 B.C.

Choosing a career as a Sonographer can generally be a great choice. The pay can be exceptionally good, there are plenty of jobs available across Australia and the training is not as long as some of the other medical fields.

In this week's update we wanted to dig deeper into important Soft Skills doctors need to have for strong patient relationships, the good and the bad aspects of being a Pharmacist and what stress Sonographers deal with.

After years of the Medicare freeze, between the financial years starting in 2013 and finishing in 2018 the Department of Health’s quarterly and annual statistics have been compiled to see what the numbers seem to be suggesting.

Community Pharmacies across Australia are estimated to be a network of 5,700 operating within self-protecting set of rules. It is a complex system that creates protective measures for its framework.