After a difficult COVID-affected 2020, as we approach the traditional “happiest time of the year”, monitoring Australian mental health has never been more important.

From becoming a leader in healthcare recruitment to holding a major footprint when it comes to immigration assistance, Gorilla Jobs is now aiming to become a top 3 player in legal recruitment.

Even as COVID-19 seems to be coming under control, should you still be preparing for job interviews with a COVID-19 safe workplace in mind? Find out more about masks in the summer and what to do with the Hand shakes. 

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Gorilla Jobs rounded up the latest medical news with an emphasis on how the 2020 Federal Budget played out for GPs. Find out more about the spending and support initiatives as well as upcoming RACGP webinars. 

If you have been in a role for some time, your resume might be a little out of date. But even if you are not actively searching for work, we recommend a regular resume refresh - and spring is as good a time as any. 

Even as we get a handle on suppressing COVID-19 transmissions in Australia, Gorilla Jobs predicts the pandemic will have an ongoing impact on healthcare recruitment in many areas. 

Three years after starting Gorilla Jobs in September 2017, we continue to disrupt and add value to the healthcare recruiting space. Find out more about how we started and our current team.