New study shows cancer patients could be trading several weeks of radiation therapy for a treatment lasting milliseconds. The study details how the future of radiation therapy will not only last mere seconds, but will be significantly cheaper and...

Amazon has transformed the retail industry, and now it has its sights set on the pharmaceutical industry. US retail giant Amazon submitted the application to trademark authority IP Australia just over two weeks ago, edging their way into the...

We highlight the GPs' role in the bushfire crisis, special authority given to the pharmacists in NSW, VIC and ACT in response to the emergency state and respiratory problems on the rise.

This year’s bushfire disaster has affected Australian more than it was expected. Alongside land burnt, properties lost, animals dead, the number of people exposed to bushfire smoke after the fire is also greater than ever seen before.

During the Australia's bushfire crisis, among the healthcare team, GPs play a vital role in dealing with various public health concerns.

Last week, special authority for emergency supply without a prescription in bushfire-affected areas has been issued for pharmacists in NSW, VIC and ACT.

Christmas parties and New Year festivities are over and now it is time to refocus yourself and your team for the new year. A fresh calendar brings new challenges and opportunities for progression within your company. 

We highlight the Top Holiday Health Risks, how Radiology has Helped a tennis athlete with sports injuries and Pharmacies as the biggest Contributors to My Health Record.

Emergency departments at Western Sydney Local Health District revealed the top reasons for patient consultations over the yearly holiday seasons. Mental health, traumas and assaults, alcohol-related problems are in the top.